Search the Adoption Reunion Registry in England by County is proud to offer you our online Adoption Reunion Registry that covers the whole of England. So no matter where in the country you were born or where the biological relatives you are searching for may live - from Carlisle to Southampton and from Norwich to Penzance, we are by your side in your quest to locate them. All it takes is their consent and a few simple steps to find them, make contact and pave the way towards a potential reunion.

There is no need to go through cumbersome and lengthy bureaucratic processes such as opening adoption records! All you need to do is register to and perform your search our extensive, nation-wide Adoption Reunion Registry. Should you be interested in finding out specific adoption related information, such as the proper means to obtain your birth certificate or to learn non-identifying information about your parents in certain parts of England, please visit our county pages for insight regarding local adoption legislation.


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