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1. Caitedunn : birth name- sharon marie best date of birth - 02/07/1965 place of birth - paisley name of birth mother - catherine best i was asopted from birth have been searching for my mother for 26 years with no luck mother possibly known as catherine malcolm possibility of 2 half brothers also please get in touchif any information on this person
2. Caite : born sharon marie best on 02/07/1965. mother’s name at time was catherine best may be now known as catherine malcolm. possibly have 2 half brothers surname malcolm. last known address 50 high street‚ rutherglen‚ glasgow. residence no longer there. if anyone has any information regarding this person please contace me. thankyou.
3. Brydekirk : I was born @ Cresswell Maternity Hospital Dumfries April 7th 1967.Was adopted about 6 months later(i think).Think i had a few kidney problems when born.Looking for my birth mother and would like her to e-mail me or anyone who knows of her and her where abouts. Was adopted by the Ireland Family. Brought up in a village called Brydekirk.
4. Ducatipaul : my name is paul richard stuart tennant i was born 24th dec 1970 i was known as brown at birth my mother and father gwendoline drummond (mother) and james hume brown (father) got married in edinburgh 28th june 1969 and divorced 4th february 1974 i was adopted by my mums new husband hence the name tennant i am looking for my birth father JAMES HUME BROWN can anyone help? tyvm paul
5. Jude : i was born in Paisley Glasgow on the 20th January 1966 @ ross Hospital i think
6. Blvllysbrd : The hospital he was born in was: Rankin memorial Hospital‚ Greenock‚ Renfrewshire‚ Uk‚ On the 15th Nov 1988 His adoptive parents are called Lillian‚ From Strathaven‚ Graeme if you read this‚ I Love You‚ and i need for u to know where i am‚ if you are looking for me‚ i’m in Elgin‚ I Love you so much‚ and need you to get in contact with me. I need to talk to you. Love Eleanor ( Mum‚ Whatever) xxxooo.
7. Hayley1412 : I am looking or my brother born irvine central hospital Scotland on 06.04.78. Mothers Name Lilian Rose Nicholson‚ Fathers name Neil Wilson. Childs name at Birth Mark Nicholson this may have changed‚ Adopted at birth via st margarets catholic adoption.
8. Nigelxx : hi ! i am looking for my real parents and i also have been told i have a real brother and sister out there !!! i was born in dunfermline on 30.7.71 and i’ve been told by my adoptive parents that i really look like my real dad !! have a look at bebo profile to see me and my lovely family ! i dont want to cause any trouble in my real family ‚ i just want to have a chance to meet the people who brought me into the world and at least know why i ( the third child ) was gave up. i believe that my real family are still in the DUNFERMLINE area so if anyone knows anything please e-mail me ! its something i have to do in my life to find my roots ‚ i hope you understand !!! xxx
9. Elaineann : I am looking for my brother ‚well to tell the truth I think I am looking for 2 of my brothers‚ I think mum has you about 6 years apart. I have put in the info I know about Shaun Think his birthday he either 29th of jan or 1st of feb. You were born in glasgow Mum is from an island on the west coast of scotland called Arran. I am 24 and stay in Irvine. From the moment I found out about my brothers I have always wanted to meet you or even just talk. Mum is 57 she would of been 18 when she had you. I know this is a long shot but I have to try. I understand if you do see this and don’t want to get in touch‚ but I think you should know you have always been on our minds. Love Elaine
10. Lisaanngillan : get in touch please baby ive missed you eveyday since you were taken away. the social work took you away from me. i love you and ive thought about you every day every minute every second. you have a full brother and a half brother we are all waiting for you. i hope you get this as we are desperatate to meet you again i love you please please get in touch please if you get this make contact. I love you MUM XXXXXXXXXXX
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