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1. Lkininger : I am searching for my biological sister. She was born in Thailand on 10/25/1974. Her name is Mali Markluandee. I was born in Thailand and adopted to the USA. If anyone knows any information about her please contact me.

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2. IceSunanthapradit : Okay so I am searching for my half-brother’s biological father. My mother (who passed in 2006) never told us his name‚ only that he was Mexican and in the Navy and he might have been from California? My mother was living in Pattaya City‚ Thailand. My brother was born on April 23‚ 1987‚ so he is coming up on his 28th birthday. This means that the man had to have been in port in Pattaya City in July/August of 1986. My mother’s maiden name was Supranee Sunanthapradit and she was born September 9‚ 1965. She grew up in Ubon Ratchathani‚ Thailand but was living in Pattaya City‚ Thailand. My brother’s name is Mongkhon Ice Sunanthapradit. I am his younger sister and I am searching now after all of these years because our mother and my father (his adopted father) have passed and it would be nice for him to know who his father is. I never thought it would be possible to find him‚ considering we don’t even know his name but hey the least I can do is try. If you have any ideas or information at all please contact me. Thank-you‚ Kathy.

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