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  • Penny
    from Albany

    29 years ago I made the heart breaking decision to give my beloved son up for adoption. It was a hard decision but I knew I was doing the right thing. The last thing I said to him was "I'll see you soon". My prayers were answered and because of Joshua is now back in my life!

  • Heidi
    from San Rafael

    My birth mother found me here on She had been looking for me for 20 years! We will be meeting for the first time this coming January.

  • Mary
    from Texas

    I enrolled on and to my surprise I found my daughter in 5 minutes!!! This was after 30 years of no contact. Things are going wonderful‚ she is a treasure‚ and I have a grandson too!

  • Margaret
    from American Fork

    This has been the most remarkable experience! I actually found my son within 24 hours of my registering on the website!

  • Julie
    from Adelaide

    I searched since 2010 and was surprised to find not just me in my biological family‚ I found out that I have four beautiful sisters and two brothers! I have had the joy and privilege to meet all my sisters and one of my brothers. We are all scattered throughout Australia. We had a fabulous reunion in Sydney.

  • Cody
    from Port Macquarie

    The first person I spoke to turned out to be my brother!!! Amazing

  • Linda
    from California

    I was on this site for literally less than 5 minutes when I came across my birth mother's profile.  After years of searching I was able to get into contact with her and my 5 siblings.  I'm very excited to see where all this leads to.  This site is amazing!

  • Linda
    from New Jersey

    It's hard to describe the multitude of feelings I'm going through now but it definitely includes happiness to be embarking on this journey of self discovery that has been a long time coming. My first telephone conversation with my birth parents was the first chapter to a story yet to be told of me .

  • Kelle
    from Springfield‚ MO

    I can't believe how simple it was to find my birthmother! I never thought I'd find her‚ let alone find her on the first day I signed up for the site! Thank you for providing a resource for us to find each other again.

  • Mary
    from Charlotte NC is a brilliant and ever-so helping website. I was on for about 10 minutes before finding my birth mother‚ and finding out I have 3 siblings. I have been blessed to have the help of this website to reconnect us.

  • Daniel
    from New York

    5 minutes after I joined this site‚ I found my birth mother! We're going to have a grand reunion in December‚ where I will be able to meet my biological family! This site was very‚ VERY helpful!

  • Lareeta
    from Hawthorne

    I found my son after 17 years. We had our first reunion that lasted 2 months. Its such a miracle and I just want to say‚ keep your head up. Dreams do come true. I believe that. My son is doing real good with his parents now and we have a good relationship.

  • Jesse
    from Tampa

    This site was the best thing that I could have done to help me find my birth parents. Not only did I find my birth mother on here‚ but she got into contact with my entire birth family and now after 25 years of searching I have found them all. I also found out that I am a TWIN!!!

  • Stephanie
    from Marysville

    I started searching for my brother the day I knew he turned 18. After no leads from any other website‚ connected me with him. We now talk and see each other every week. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life!

  • Clancy
    from Perth

    Within five minutes on I had made a 100% match. I sit here feeling a complete person after meeting up with the beautiful boy I adopted out 25 years ago. I am grateful for the personal interest I received from the site and for the best weekend I've ever had!

  • Sharon
    from Clayton

    I am happy to say that I have found my birth mother and will be meeting her next week.

  • Clare
    from Ipswich‚ UK

    I was overcome with emotion when I found my nephew's details on your site. Thank you for your support and help - truly amazing.

  • Adam
    from Stillwater‚ OK

    After a church youth group's mission trip report‚ I sought after answers to my ethnicity. Becoming discouraged at my results‚ I simply typed in 'I am adopted how do I find my birth parents' in a Yahoo! search. I chose‚ entered my information‚ and found my birth mom on the first search!

  • Amanda
    from Royse City

    I have looked for my birth mom for years. A week ago I received an email from this site. It was my birth mom! We are both very excited to be reunited. I wasn't sure I would ever have the opportunity to write out a reunion story‚ so needless to say this is very exiciting!

  • Janjard
    from Kansas

    Last week my birth daughter found me using your site. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover the appreciation I feel to you!

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