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1. LookinforANDREWB : My name is sohia Bryant my son names Andrew r Barnes bryant i live at 5 sunny bradshaw kingston jamaican at d time of adoption i know live in new york bklyn my son have a mark on his hand(black)my fathers names is samuel bryant. My mothers name Diana moore in.my son was at merie gold center 1 of d center there was a case worker name ms william on d case .i toke him away without d center knowin an d cops came lookin for me an him an i had to hive him back it hurt my heart to give myown baby back any1 ready this an u think it u r some1 u know please contact me please please pleeeeeease thank you. I. WILL NEVER STOP SEACHIN FOR YOU I LOVE U MY SON MOMMY SOPHIA

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2. Tasgudsha : Jennifer’s parents....Mr and Mrs James Hart..Jennifer usually attends Holy childhood high in Kingston Jamaica...Mr and Mrs Hart lived in Golden Spring and they were the proprietor of a garage.

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3. Jessical2277 : Hello I am the friend who is 18 years old‚ and is helping him find his real parents. My name is Jessica Leigh Alvarez. If you can really help me find his real family i would be very grateful on the help. His name is Mark Andrew Henry‚ 18 years old‚ and was adopted at the age of either 3 or 4. He was born in Jamaica‚ and wants to know his real parents. Please email me if you can do anything to help. Thank you!!

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