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1. MarieWickramarathna : I’m looking for my daughter Marianne. You were given for adoption in sri lanka -colombo at Salvation Army. Then I was only 15 years old.I was born on 27 th jan 1971. The date of my birth could be in your birth certificate. Your biological father was named as Lalith Dabare at the department of probation -colombo. I couldn’t keep you with me because I was a teenager then and our society considered it as a disgrace to the family to have a baby without a father. . But i tried my best to find you. I’m so anxious to see you. I hope that you will see this message and call me. your adoptive parents had another son called marco Antonio. He was adopted from Colombia I guess. He was about 4 years old then.Your adoptive parents gave me a silver necklace with a purple stone pendent on it but unfortunately somebody stole it from me at the salvation army. i still have the first dress i made myself for youwith letter M on it. I breast fed you till the moment you were taken away from me. I cried a lot and couldn’t bear your departure though I was a teenager‚ I felt like all the other mothers feel about their babies.
2. Darshi : Hi Im Darshani ‚ Director of the DAD Freight Forwarding(pvt)ltd in Sri Lanka. i just need to find out my sister and i got some information. please provide me your mail address to send the information that i have. you can directly contact me. Thank you very much.
3. CarlPaul : I would like to find my brother & sister who was given up for adoption in 1980. Their names: Denis Maurice Henry Vallas & Helene Rose Alice Vallas. The French couple who adopted them names are: Gilbert Vallas & Colette Vallas. The address they had given was "La Tour"‚ St. Lucien 28210. Nogent Le Roi‚ France. It’s a very long story on how they were given for adoption and non of our relations would tell us the truth. I just want to know who they are and them to know us & know that i have been looking for them from the time i got to know it. But only recently we manage t get all the right documents through legal system of their adoptions. please help me to find them. Carl Paul
4. SandraKumari : Hi, Birthname Dona Kumari female barn i Kandy. Child from Wanasinghe Sumanawathie. 21 grader old? At the time. Adopted court Magistrate’s Court of Gambola. 2nd of April 1976. A.Gunapola No18 National Housing Scheme Think was involved in the adoption. Please Contact me Kind regards
5. Dilsah : My birth Name is Dilshari or Dulshani Boteju or Botejuge
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