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1. NadiaPiek : I was found on the Streets of Chonan South Korea in 1975. The person who found me brought me in to the city hall of Chonan. Somebody gave me a name Chun Young Ja. After that they brought me to a place Hong Sung City. I think there was a lilttle childrenshome or something. I stayed here for a couple of weeks. After that they brought me to korean Social service in Seoul. After that i left the country cause i was adopted by Dutch parents in the Netherlands. I am looking for my family. My birtmother or father or brothers and sisters‚ or other persons of my family. My Dutch name is NADIA PIEK. I am living in the Netherlands city Assen. Please help me to find my family. I desparetly need them in my life. tyvm. Nadia Piek
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