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1. Manatosh_Suter : I am interested to know about Suter genealogy of Bangladesh. I knew from my father Dr. Manaranjan Suter‚ long ago a elite Brahmins family came from Kanyakubja (Kannauj) of India to Bangladesh. They started to live in present Bashkati‚Rajbari which is under Sarupkati Upazila of Pirozpur district. They choose carpentry (Suter) as their profession. The Brahmin had four sons named 1. Netai (Nittananda) 2. Bhabai (Bhabananda) 3. Chand (Chandrananda) and 4. Tetai (Tetananda). Should anybody have more information about suter�s history in Indian subcontinent please let me know.

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