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1. Simeian48 : I am helping my mother-in-law find her birth family. I believe she was adopted from Panama. She was adopted by Robert and Cleo Schumann. Thank you‚ Erika
2. RachelGrant : I was adopted from Panama in 1976. My mothers name is Calixta Vasquez. My maternal Grandfather is Roque Bonilla. My father is listed as Paulo Brillia. I was born at 5:44am at Santo Tomas Hospital. I was adopted by a military family and grew up in the United States. I was adopted through the Red Cross. My birth name was Igdalia Vasquez (first or middle name may have been Rosa.)
3. Paulareynoso1031 : looking for my grandson born april 22 1999 antonio olivares i am his maternal grandmother been searching for years i heard he lived in east orange with his brother issiah which is also my grandson please contact me
4. Makis : Hello my name is Gerasimos Tzakis and i Know that im adopted and im trying to find my mom and her family. My mom give beath to me in 1983 in panama and i adopted by very Best People from Greece their name Dionisios Tzakis and Athanasia Tzakis. I belive the Person baptise me greek orthodox is mr tzenetatos the ambasador of panama and greece. So i move to greece With them.
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