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1. Atstvincentb : My name is constance‚konieczny‚ the last name of my adopted parents. I am searching for my birth mom ‚I was born sept.14‚1953 at st.vincent‚philadelphia pa. I also know I may have a sibling born 3to4 years after me ‚at the same location they were born.

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2. Nharvey : My name is Natalia Harvey and I am searching for the birth parents on behalf of my good friend John David Turner. He has many records and we need your help finding his birth parents. He was born in Maracay, Venezuela February 19, 1957 From a couple of documents we were able to determine his mother’s name was Rosa Dominguez Ferreira, which states that she was 17 years old, single, and having this illegitimate child. Through this were able to deduce at this point that from her age in 1957 she was born around 1940, so she would be about 81 years old by now if she is still living. From the birth certificate we were able to see his fathers name was Josè but the last name we are unable to decipher due to the handwriting. I think it may say Martinez with a fancy cursive “M”, but we are unsure. His adoptive father’s name was John Milton Turner who was in the US Airforce military in Venezuela at the time of adoption. His adoptive mother’s name was Barabara Beatrice Turner (Maiden name Williams). They were both from Georgia, USA. Both his adoptive parents have passed. He is hoping to find out more information about his birth parents. I am asking for your help. He is looking for any information on his birth parents, even photographs if possible. He may also have relative or siblings that he could possibly get in contact with. If there is no way you are able to help us, would you please point us in the right direction. We are so greatful for you taking the time to read this letter and so very hopeful. We thank you for reading this letter and for your consideration. With all sincerity, Natalia Harvey Who is helping her good friend John David Turner

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3. Artemio : I just want to know who i am where i come from who my mother an father an to meet my family an know my roots an history how can i say i know who i am or where i came from or my family history when i know nothing about them

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