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1. Ruthjune : Adopted as .................Teresa Hilary Reynolds 10/06/1957 Born as .......................Phylis June Brown 10/06/1957 Its my birthday today ..... Now 63.... I think you called me Phylis June ... and that my Surname might have been Brown ..... I THINK I was adopted from an unmarried Mother’s home in Kensington in London - I think my birth mother was a Civil Servant working at the Foreign Office and that my birth father was an American Armed Services Officer over here in the UK dealing with affairs to do with the Korean War..... My mother was Christina Donald-Brown. Actually I know nothing of any real substance BUT I do not HAVE to know ANYTHING to continue to live my life - I am putting information here probably more for you all than me!!! A long time has passed - even if I tracked you down - I can’t suddenly without prior discussions suddenly now appear in your life - What or where are you now? - Does your partner know that I ever existed ... are you still with my father .... I DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE/RELATIONSHIP!! I can’t suddenly re-appear because I "COULD" destroy your life - I will never do that! BUT ....Hi I’m Phylis So I have to stay in your past.... unless you decide otherwise........ You can contact me if you wish 1957 was a time way back when there was no "Pill" - No "Morning after Pill" and No "Official Abortion" Despite being a successful Career Woman - I have always been TOTALLY against abortion - not from any religious or business orientated conviction - but because I know that if I was a 1960’s chld instead of a 1950’s child - I would have been aborted because that was the easiest option..... SO.... THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME STILL BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I spend this SPECIAL day - the 10th June - thinking about you - MY Birth Mother - I hope you are still alive - I hope you are OK - I hope you realise that you gave birth to a VERY unusual gutsy talented lady - I KNOW you would be SO proud of me ........ I might be 63 but I am just got married... I have a fabulous life ... I have wonderful adoptive parents .. who sadly have now died in their 90’s Every year since about 7 or 8 when I knew I also had a Birth Mother too - I have spent this special day thinking about you too.... Every time I overcame an obstacle or achieved something special I thought about you too...... I am a very blessed, a very happy person, despite some tough times in the past I have always spent this special day thinking about you....................... I am now 63 - I Loved my adoptive parents - they have been the people that have formed me into the person I am now - but you created the raw material.... I can only wish you joy andf happiness health and peace - I am a VERY happy and fulfilled lady despite major disabilities from a car accident in the 1980’s .......IF you knew me you would NOT be unhappy about your daughter and what she has achieved - Bless You Mummy - Phylis.

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2. Wendynurse12 : i am looking for adoptive grandparents or siblings my name is wendy nurse daughter of pauline campbelle grandaughter of margrette and harold cambelle birth mother mary anne kerr from scotland had connections with manchester mums date of birth was 2 10 1952 pauline anne kerr widnes cheshire

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3. IKnowYourOutThere : My mothers name was misbah begum! Last had contact when i was 7! I miss her so much :( i know that she was quite young when she had me (in her teens) and i remember her with short hair! I remember she made me have short hair too! I remember she used to tell me i was specail and that is just one of many good memories of her! I hope to find you someday mum! Ooh i also remember apparently i was born in sylhet bangladesh

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4. Alimac33 : Birth name is Gary/Garry Mark Bolt

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5. Miamackay1991 : i am looking for my mum‚ i used to have post box messages til i was 16 and then the socail workers refused to send them.

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