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1. Peru44 : I am looking for my biological moter/ Father or any other family member living in Lima Peru with the last name Reyes or Florention‚ I was adopted to a singel American Woman‚ who came and stayed for 3 months before I was born‚ and got to know my mother and grandmother from peru. I was born may 19‚ 1989 my mother was 15 at the time. anyone with honest solid eveidence where my biological famil is‚ please contact.

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2. Maxasboy : My name is Max Antony. I live in Luxembourg and have been adopted in 1987 from Lima, Peru. I am looking for some members of my biological family. Recently did a DNA test at MyHeritage , Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA and it looks like we have some ancestors in common. I am myself from Peru, Lima but have been adopted by a Luxembourgish family when I was 3 years old. I am happy where I am but would like to have an idea of where I come from. That is why I contact you and hope we can exchange information Anyway, would be nice to get to know some of my (extended) family members. also have to say I have completely forgotten Spanish but my girlfriend speaks it quite well. Unfortunately I do not have many details about my parents. The 16 of January 1987 a policeman found me completely lost on a street in Lima (La Victoria district, cuadra 29 in the Avenida 28 de Julio), they brought me to an orphanage in Pueblo Libre (Lima) and a couple of months later I was adopted by a Luxembourgish woman and brought to Luxemburg. My original first name is Pedro and my date of birth would be approximately 9 August 1984 (I have not idea how they figured this out). For now this is the only information I have. I do my best my work, I am hard of hearing, I speak Luxembourgish,German,French,little bit of English,and I try to learn Spanish and Dutch. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Antony Max

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