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1. David97 :I’m looking for my birth mother. When I turned 19 last year‚ my adoptive parents told me everything‚ they even told me that my real father died just a few years after my birth. My birth mother supposedly ran away within hours of giving birth because she thought it was a mistake‚ my real father was scared too‚ but then he came looking for me after a period but it was too late. I’m 20 now and I totally understand them‚ they were young and lost‚ and I forgive them for what they did. I really want to find my birth mother before it’s too late. I was born in Tunis‚ Tunisia. I can’t give more details that I don’t have because my parents won’t tell me anything more becuase they don’t want me to find my real mother‚ they think she’s gonna distract me from my studies and that I’m gonna choose her over them if I find her‚ which isn’t true at all. Please help me.

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