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1. Marcela64 :Hi. I am looking for any info regarding my father‚ Moise Iancu Mendel‚ born in Romania‚ Birlad‚ went to Israel around 1930 and had a daughter in 1935‚ then in 1939-40 returned to Romania‚ Bucharest. At some point (maybe 1944-49) he changed his name to Marcel Hancu (or Hincu). Was the director of Casa Scinteii around 1950-60. Had me in 1964 and died in 1970. This is all I know. My sister name is Dalia‚ now Fotti. My name is Marcela Hancu‚ now Dascal. Any info will do‚ thank you.

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2. Michalernst1950 :Hello‚ a baby boy of us was taken at birth‚ on spring 1950‚ in jerusalem that was called palestine at that time‚ israel. Mother was told he is not longer alive‚ but before they put mother to a deep sleep she saw a beautifull baby boy delivered . The baby was born on spring 1950 and mother is still alive and have a big strong feeling that the baby is alive‚ live somewhere and maybe asking about his past. Lots of babies were taken ( kidnapped for adoption) at that time. We also gave d.n.a. to the israely dna bank to find lost kids. If any suspitios you have for being adopeted on spring 1950 please call me. Thank you‚ Michal Ernst. (The birth kid’s familly name is Dallal‚ jewish baby that arrived from Iraq‚ Bagdad). Thank you!

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3. Shany126 :I am was born In Israel telaviv was my home. But eiylat was the city I was born in apparently my parents say.

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4. Motiafriat1 :We are looking for Eliane Or Lilyan Afriat which has been declared as a dead on 9/8/1955 IN iSRAEL. we believe that she is alive and she lives in the USA. we strongly believe that she has been kidnapped from "Hadassa" Hospital in Beer Sheeba (Israel). The baby was hospitalized due to diarrhea early 8/1955 ( 7-8/8/1955). The father of the family came to visit her on the same evening and has been informed that the baby is dead. he ask to see the body but he was refused. the family ask to be present on the baby funeral but also her they were refused we look for traces and we find dead end in any place : Hospital ’Hadassa" in Beer Sheeba is not existed anymore "Hadassa" hospital in Jerusalem say they have no records for Eliane Afriat there is no grave for the baby i nBeer Sheeba as declared in the "Hevra Kadish" records. the burial society’s ("Hevra Kadisha" ) document were on fire at 1958 the family members : Father - Solomon - Born in Morroco approx. 1925 - died at 2013 in Israel Mother - Alice - Born in 1934 in Morocco - still alive Zohar - born in Morroco 1951 - alive Eliane ( as written in the "Livre De Famile" )- born in Morroco in 1954 - Missing Joel ( Yaish) - born in Morocco in 1953 - alive Mordechay ( Moti ) - born in Israel 1956 - alive The mother , Alice, gave a DNA test to Myheritage in order to get a match . Eliane has bright eyes ( Blue / green ) and she has bright skin. she was beautiful. all family are doing their utmost to find Eliane which we sure that she was alive when she was declared as dead and we strongly believe she is living in USA ( we hope and believe she is still alive) . Eliane was adopted in a non legal procedure because her parents were told that she was died and they never gave any confirmation to the "adoption". in other words she was kidnapped for money. please contact : Moti ( Mordechay) Afriat

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5. AvitalHorev :Hey, I am a researcher in a documentary series, and I am looking for Swedish adopted children who were born in Israel. I would like to help them to find their biological roots. Please contact me

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