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Cameroon Adoption Reunion Registry is proud to offer a country-wide adoption reunion registry for Cameroon. If you’re looking to reunite with a loved one in Cameroon, simply complete our form in moments and potentially match immediately with a child, parent, or sibling. reunites families by mutual consent, without the requirement to access adoption records. It is simple, fast, and easy. And with our NameSearch and DNA features, your chances of making a connection in Cameroon are even better. Try now while registration is free.

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1. Ladykelsey : I was born some 23 years ago‚father unknown and mother abandoned me when i was six months old.I have never known i was an orphan untill i had a quarrell with my foster junoir sister when the bomb exploded.She called me a bastard and a pest.I couldn‚t understand why.I had a heart to heart talk with my foster parents and ithey told me the whole story.I now discovered why i was always treated differently the best was always reserved for my foster sisters and brothers all the difficult house chores where always my portion.I just want anny warm hearted friends to write to me time and again and really comfort me.I know i can never meet my parents but i can find parents in anny body witha kind and compassionate heart lady.

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2. Macbiches : i was adopted at the age of 1 where i live with a woman who hat no child then ‚i was treated like her child ‚ send to school till when she put birth ‚ she and her husband travel abroad without me promising never to come back . so dont have hope ‚ i dont know where to go . please help me. THANKS

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3. Hopeforthepoor : It’s our great pleasure writing you. I’m Miss Alma Kimberline founder of the Hope for Future Orphanage Cameroon. Hope for the Future Orphanage Cameroon is an organization which I started 2 years ago along with two other Cameroonians of good will‚ empowering Orphans who have no access to education. Usually‚ our children are from orphanages or poor families. We have taken the responsibility of educating them as per our capabilities. Our organization has achieved measurable success during the last two years in providing basic education to nearly 35 students and they have been promoted to the next class after they cleared annual exams in flying colors. To expand this program and help more needy children‚ we request your contribution be it monetary‚ clothes‚ school supplies‚ food‚ so that we can increase the strength of our endevours so as to carry forward with our ambitious projects. Thank you for considering us as an option to you and giving your precious time. If you have any queries or you wish to know more details about us‚ please feel free to contact us. Alma Kimberline

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