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1. Lakech10 : We are looking for an Ethiopian child whose name at birth was Martha Tsegaye. She was born in Addis Ababa‚ Ethiopia in black Lion Hospital on April 26‚ 1986 GC. She was given to one of the adoption agencies which operate around “Mekanisa”. It has been 17 years since she left‚ we didn’t get a chance to hear from her adopting family nor from her. At that time she was 7 years of old. We have asked the adopting family at that time their adress‚ but they informed us they will let us know her status tiime to time. But we didn’t got any report on her. She left Ethiopia in 1993GC. We would very much appreciate if you could help us to see our beloved one. I am her cousin. Her Mother’s name is Mrs. Abebech Tsegaye . Per request It is possible to post also parents and her photo.
2. Abdu : my name is abdu I find m.y two adopted brothers .they name was Yesuf Mohammed and Seid Mohammed. they are taken in 2000 to france and their age was 7year and 5 yaer children when they gone to france until now. we don’t. had any idea. about them. I hope you can help me how can. fid them. hot regards. you can contact me! Abdu.
3. Wegayewu : I am looking for my brothers two of them they were adapted 1991 Ethiopian calendar witch is 1999 us calendar if any body know or see this please contact me my email my name is wegayewu sahilu my brothers name is I don’t know they have the same name still but there name was tsegaye sahilu and zekarias sahilu this happen around 1999 like I said 1991 Ethiopian calendar I beleve Thor age around 21-24 thank u
4. AsterayeTsigietesf : I am looking my nephew whom i delivered to adopting agency here in Ethiopia during April or may 1995. The boys name is Tesfaye the persons who adopted him are in my opinion Antoine den Hollander, a carpenter with address: troopkeer 19, 4971 Se kundert, Netherlands. The boy was then approximately two years. He has an adopted sister in Canada her name is TOGGY Renart of Chilliwack I appreciate if any one could find this boy and reunion him with us. my name ASteraye Tsigie
5. SilasMulatMiller : I was dropped off at a police station in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa). The police sent me to a village I believe which was were other kids were given up. I was adopted at 9 months old. My family that adopted me were only given a small picture of me sitting down somewhere in Ethiopia with a paper saying “Mulat” I assume it was a name the adoption place gave me but who knows. That is all I know about my far past. Now I live in Fresno California with a white family with another adopted Ethiopian sister (not blood related) my 2nd parents who adopted me are named Heather my mom and Jacob Miller my dad if you know anything about me in anyway contact me.
6. Girum : My name is Girum Asegedew am living in UAE am searching my family members his Name is Tariku Asegedew we was leaving together until 8 or 7 years. Girum Asegedew
7. Hawakidanu : If anyone in or from Harar or Addis Ababa (or anyone else) thinks they have any information please email me! I am in search of my biological family. You can also message me. Thanks. X
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