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1. Kwongderek : I am looking for my little sister, a Chinese girl who was born on 1st September 1961. in a private maternity at Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Shortly afterwards she was adopted and brought to U.S.A. If anyone knows her whereabout, please contact me.

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2. Victoriayee63 : All I have is a couple of documents left behind from my adopted parents, document #1: The court order delayed certification of birth, State file # 147694, adopted parent names are: Thomas Lee Yee from New York, Chinese, and Sun Quong Tsang from California, Chinese. The address 1737 Bell Street, Sacramento, CA 95825. Court order # 383-D, Superior Court, Sacramento County. The adopted child name: Cary Brian Yee, birthday 8/20/63, Hong Kong, B.C.C., British Crown Colony, date: February 2nd, 1967 and the date filed was May 5, 1967. Document #2: Cary Brian Yee, US citizenship # 9133501, petition # 19008, November 24, 1969, 2009 Woodstock Way, Sacramento, CA 95825.

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3. Lastking : My name is Ping Fu or Fu Ping I was born in Hongkong in Mar 19 1964. Arrive in the USA in either 69 or 1970. I’m looking for my birth parent. I left the orphanage I don’t know where. But my record is sealed in Stockton California.

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