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Despite the many social networking options and advancements in communication, finding an adopted child can still be very difficult for birth parents and adoptees alike.

It is after identifying this ongoing difficulty that Adopted.com introduced a revolutionary search tool successfully connecting adoptees with their loved ones day after day, while also building a community that supports those in pursuit of their biological relatives.

Adopted.com is fast becoming a one stop solution for everyone in the pursuit of their biological relatives without the hassles of going through government organizations or hiring a private investigator, while also completely preserving privacy and preferences. You can even simply exchange medical information without divulging your identity if you prefer.

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If you find that you have some good matches, you may decide to become a paid subscriber to access more features on the site, such as viewing others’ profiles, searching by name, and our upcoming DNA features.


We offer support to all members, regardless of subscription status. It’s also always free to view and respond to any incoming communication.

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We offer access to more than 30 years of historical address data, age, gender, current and prior address location, and mobile phone numbers.

DNA Services

Adopted.com is now working closely with major DNA services to increase your chances of finding family members.

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Our History
Adopted.com has been reuniting loved ones for more than 18 years, spreading joy in the lives of many people. Based on member feedback and as new technology becomes available, we constantly improve the efficiency of our algorithm through various front-end and back-end efforts such as continually improving our user-friendly interface, providing quick and consistent support, and even recently introducing DNA testing options for searchers.
Our Mission
Adopted.com was founded with the sole intention of creating one single central adoption reunion registry where mutually consenting loved ones can reunite seamlessly without opening records, waiting for agencies to respond, or spending huge amounts on investigators. We believe that people who are mutually searching for each other should not be denied a chance to reunite due to the bindings of red tape. We also serve as a community that offers support to those seeking to find their loved ones.

About the Founder

"The idea of creating an adoption reunion registry came to me when I was trying to help a friend find his biological family. Due to his circumstances, he wasn’t allowed access to the adoption records. This meant a dead end for him. It inspired me to create one, central, global adoption reunion registry where mutually consenting people can find each other instantly. The success of Adopted.com has been extraordinary."

- Katharine, founder of Adopted.com


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