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1. Mfranco :My name is Maria Franco‚ I found out this January 2012 that I was adopted in Cuba. I am 49 years old‚ and living in GA‚ and also found out that I was removed from my birth family in Cuba as a small child of 1 or 2 years old‚ which means there is no adoption paperwork. My birth certificate was created by the family that took me and raised me. I am looking for my birth family because the woman that raised me‚ refuses to tell me anything about my birth mother or father. The man that raised me died 20 years ago. I believe‚ I have family somewhere in Cuba. When I had a DNA test done this year to find out my ancestral origins the following indicate the closest population matches based on my DNA profile. Podlasie (NE Poland)‚ Slovenian‚ Netherlands‚ Polish‚ Bosnian‚ Northern Portugal‚ Kosovo Albanian‚ Azores‚ Australian immigrant‚ or Byerlorussian . It will be the hand of God‚ if someone will recognize me as a child‚ but I truly believe I have family out somewhere in the world wondering what happened to me as a child.

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