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1. Mosesokot : Hi my name is Moses Okot and I’m currently in Maine. This is a sad story and I wish you guys could help me. I’m seeking my longtime girlfriend’s family. Her name was Mary Beverage. She was adopted with her sister Celina and a third girl named Gloria from an orphanage in Managua‚ Nicaragua around the time she was 8. Mary’s parents were too poor to feed her and her sister. They were adopted by Doris and Paul Beverage from North Haven ‚ Maine and Rockland area. Paul molested Mary and Gloria growing up. Paul ended up dying when Mary was a teen. She left the Island and never looked back. Me and Her met around 07’ and been together since. We have three children together‚ but she had two prior to meeting me. Mary recently passed away. Someone sold her adderall laced with fentanyl. I’m currently at Maine State Prison and my kids have essentially nobody. So‚ I’m seeking help to find Mary’s family for our kids. Mary had nobody in America and parents were a distant memory. Mary believe her original last name was Flores. If you could help me please write me. I would love to bring Mary’s parents and younger siblings to America after my release. I am not close to the Beverages and don’t want them a part of this process including Celina. Thank you

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