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1. CheongAMoi : Birth Father: Cheong Kiat & Mother: Cheok (sthg). Birthdate:31-3-1961 @ 71 Kolam Ayer Lane. I want to find my birth family.

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2. Stoberi : Finding for my birth mother. Suraya Othman. I was born at home in Kallang on March 2nd 1986.

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3. Ashydxc : my current name now is Mohammed Rashid bin Mohamed Basheer. I think my real mother name is Marina or Maria and maybe I have two other siblings.

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4. Jayefoo : My name is FOO JIAN CHUAN. I would like to know who my birth parents are!

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5. Juliusfjy : Teh Siew Hong - Birth mother Choo kim kiat at teo chin seng - Birth father Old apt - 48 Dakota crescent

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6. Furious79 : I am searching for my biological father. Probably he is still alive and stays in Singapore. His full name is Mansor Bin Hassan. His Singapore Identification Card is 2148161-J. His race is Javanese/Malay. His country of birth is in Johore Malaysia. He ever stayed in Block 234‚ 1160D‚ Avenue 3‚ Ang Mo Kio. If happens you can locate him. Kindly do sent me an email. Thank you!

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7. ElaineKrixie23 : Given name Chia Zu Er. Address at Blk 70 Circuit Road‚ Level 3. Name: Biological Mother Chia Siew Peng & Father Han Beng Kwang. Looking for them.

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8. Famyi : Adopted in the year of 1991. Born in 1987 at NUH‚ Singapore. Gender Male. Birth name is Tan Jian Fu. Known birth date to be 31st Dec. Adopted by a Chinese married couple.

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9. Bryanongt230916 : if u found me,please contact me

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10. Halim : Hi, my name Halim. I’m 41 yrs old. I had been adopted since i was born in 1977. I don’t know who my origin parents were. My birth given name was Ahmad Abdullah, in original birth cert. But then was changed to Abdul Halim bin Latiff, ever since adopted. My foster parents were Latiff bin Satar and Balkis binte Ibrahim. I was adopted from MCYS (Ministry of Community Developement, Youth and Sports). I couldn’t remember much detail. But i could only remember a male, Chinese old man by the name of Mr Lim, whom i met once when i was a little boy. My foster mom used to tell me that this Chinese man was i used to call daddy when i was in MCYS. My hope is to know who my origin parents are. If they are still alive. Please tell them that i am looking for them. My thoughts are with them. May Allah forgive them. For once let me see them. Thank you.

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11. KasAin : Searching the birth parents of my mum who was born Chinese but adopted by Malay family. Her birth name was Quek Chay Huang. Mum’s name is Chua Hwee Ngoh. Please help if you have any relevant info. Thank you.

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