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1. CheongAMoi : Birth Father: Cheong Kiat & Mother: Cheok (sthg). Birthdate:31-3-1961 @ 71 Kolam Ayer Lane. I want to find my birth family.
2. Stoberi : Finding for my birth mother. Suraya Othman. I was born at home in Kallang on March 2nd 1986.
3. KayYapKenKay : Real Mother Kay Yap Ken Kay to find and encounter Lost Missing Baby J Shalom born on 5 Feb 2003‚ now he is 9 years old (on 5 Feb 2012)‚ The love a mother has for baby boy child - Baby J Shalom - can be enormous‚ overwhelming and life changing. At that moment in National University Hospital Delivery Ward 22on 5 Feb 2003 7.01am when my son Baby J Shalom was born after I went through 24 hours of hard labour. I had epidural and my doctor gave me and my Baby J Shalom an induction‚ and out came Baby J Shalom‚ at crowning you could see his head like a 5 cents coin. I pushed so hard and finally so exhausted my doctor used a pump to pull Baby J Shalom out of my womb. A beautiful‚ sweet and innocent and very intelligent and most importantly very kind boy was being held in my arm and that bonding moment of mother and son was breathtaking and beyond human’s description and I felt as peaceful and satisfied as my very kind baby son Baby J Shalom. At first i was going to breastfeed him‚ but my nurse told me they wanted to tag him for identification. I did not have the chance to even take a photo of him. I passed my Baby J Shalom to the nurse and suddenly out from the delivery ward‚ my husband Foo Meng rushed in‚he was carrying another baby boy (his name is called Joshua) and did an immediate swop onto my Baby J Shalom. Joshua is slightly a bigger baby than the Just Born Baby J Shalom (4kg in weight). I was very shocked and stunned to see and that my Baby J Shocked to see himself being wheeled away out of the Delivery Ward 22 by the nurses and a group of young doctors. While Joshua was thrusted into my arm and he was tagged as my son. I never saw my missing baby son Baby J Shalom again until 20 minutes later‚ I was in a life with my husband Foo Meng‚ the baby joshua in my arm‚ that I saw a nurse wheeled Baby J Shalom into the lift. I was still in shock and very troubled to say anything. I wanted to call out loud to admit Baby J Shalom is my actual real baby I have given birth to just now‚ but my husband Foo Meng gave me a very fierce look and asked me not to say anything and cautioned me that I was still holding Joshua in my arm. Then at that nick of moment‚ my Baby J Shalom was wheeled out of the lift and I did not see him anymore. After few months later‚ I accidentally watched a Malay TV Channel Programme from Malaysia at my home‚ I saw on the TV a glimpse of Baby J Shalom (about 6 or 8 months old) being held in the arm high by a group of Malays. Suddenly to my utmost shock‚ pain and stun‚ my Baby J Shalom’s head was beheaded and it rolled onto the floor. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to live. I keep on asking myself if Baby J Shalom still alive or not. I talked to my Senior Pastor Guna Raman and his wife Christina Raman at Agape Baptist Church (located at Dorset Road‚ opposite to KK hospital) in Singapore. They consoled me that one day God will make happen my reconciliation with Baby J Shalom again be it on earth or in heaven. They also asked me to forgive my husband for the evil act he has done to Baby J Shalom and took up my responsibility to look after my only son left Joshua and raised him up. My full time children toy business as a living for myself and also this business is dedicated to God‚ Jesus and Baby J Shalom Monetary Award ============ By God’s grace and permission‚ I would like to offer monetary award to whoever kind person who can lead me to find back Baby J Shalom again. May God bless me and Baby J Shalom in this reconciliation together in good faith and hope.
4. Ashydxc : my current name now is Mohammed Rashid bin Mohamed Basheer. I think my real mother name is Marina or Maria and maybe I have two other siblings.
5. Jayefoo : My name is FOO JIAN CHUAN. I would like to know who my birth parents are!
6. Juliusfjy : Teh Siew Hong - Birth mother Choo kim kiat at teo chin seng - Birth father Old apt - 48 Dakota crescent
7. Furious79 : I am searching for my biological father. Probably he is still alive and stays in Singapore. His full name is Mansor Bin Hassan. His Singapore Identification Card is 2148161-J. His race is Javanese/Malay. His country of birth is in Johore Malaysia. He ever stayed in Block 234‚ 1160D‚ Avenue 3‚ Ang Mo Kio. If happens you can locate him. Kindly do sent me an email. Thank you!
8. ElaineKrixie23 : Given name Chia Zu Er. Address at Blk 70 Circuit Road‚ Level 3. Name: Biological Mother Chia Siew Peng & Father Han Beng Kwang. Looking for them.
9. Famyi : Adopted in the year of 1991. Born in 1987 at NUH‚ Singapore. Gender Male. Birth name is Tan Jian Fu. Known birth date to be 31st Dec. Adopted by a Chinese married couple.
10. Bryanongt230916 : if u found me‚please contact me
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