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1. Karen1954 : I am searching for my daughter in law for her Mother. Her name is Adela Flore Millaleo from Temuco Chile. My daughter in law was adopted by parents from Sweden in 1983. She believes she has an older brother. Adela would be about 48 years old. Thank you so much!
2. Pecaspecadoras : Hello‚ I am Karen Henríquez Ruiz from Chile‚ I am looking for my sister‚ she is Maria Elena Briones Ruiz and she live in Illinois. Our mother’s name is Carmen Ruiz Müller.
3. PAPILLON33 : The Child was born at Hospital San Martin in Quillota City, Chile. After a couple of Days the Child was moved to The Gustavo Fricke Hospital at Vina Del Mar, Chile. And then he dessapered. We was informed that the Child died but we never met the body. Child name: Sergio Eduardo Aravena Ramirez. My name (father) Luis Nelson Aravena Arangua
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