My partner's birthmother was a match here, but she hadn't checked the site in so long, and initially we couldn't get a response. The site was diligent in trying to make contact using several different methods. Support staff were understanding and dedicated. Thank you Nikki and Katharine! Patrick met his Mom last Saturday!

Virginia Beach

I have found my entire family. Unfortunately my biological mother has passed in 92‚ but I have an Uncle & Aunt‚ several cousins‚ a brother and 3 sisters!!! Won't even get into their extended families. Thanks for everything. I am starting to feel whole again!!

Virginia Beach

I found my entire birth family on here. 37 years we have been apart! Thank you for this website.


We did not know my husband even had a son until a couple years ago. We tried some of the free searches but was disappointed that the match was wrong. We decided to try this site and withing a few days we had a match. He is an awesome young man and we look so forward to getting to know him.


I filled out my profile and had a match to my birth parents that same day! We connected on Facebook and talked for a while to confirm that the match was accurate and it was! We are all very excited to get to know each other!


I wasn't expecting anything when I made a profile, but in a matter off minutes I found one match and to my surprise out was my long lost son. Thank You Adopted.com

New Braunfels

Adopted.com was instrumental in locating my biological family. Katharine introduced me to Wendy Doherty, a genealogist with over forty years of experience. Wendy successfully constructed family trees that led to my half-siblings, and bio father! Thank you, Katharine and Wendy!

North Beach

My sister found me and I have been reunited with my birth mother and 5 siblings. It has been very exciting. The surprise on my birth mother's face was priceless when we met on Mother's day -Amazing how much we are alike. I have not connected with my birth father/his family yet.


Turns out my birth mother never left my city. I found four women who could match and found her on the 2nd reach out.


This site is fantastic‚ I found my daughter after 50 years!! I am so happy and can not thank you enough for all that you do for everyone.


I could have been matched with my daughter 4 years sooner had I used this site. So thankful for the modern technology and DNA A Happy Ending to our story!


I had been searching for my daughter for many years. I registered with adopted.com 4 years ago. My daughter was able to find me in less than 3 minutes after she entered her information. A dream come true! Merry Christmas!


Thank you for reuniting me with my birth mother after 30 years.


I gave up my baby for adoption at birth in 1971, Many years later I decided to register with Adopted.com. I did not plan on doing a search, only to be available in case she wanted to find me. Recently she did find me through this site. The miracle is that we live within half hour of each other.


My son was the first one that came up on Adopted.com after years of searching other ones. Thank you for having this website!!! My dream has come true. We met this weekend on and it was an amazing experience to meet him and my two grandchildren! I am so grateful!!!


I searched for my biological mother off and on for 22 yrs. Thanks to Adopted.com I was able to locate and contact her by way of this site. I'm extremely pleased to report that I was reunited with my Mom on my birthday‚ exactly 52 years to the day after I was born. Enjoying her and my new found family!


Found my birth mother who passed away several years ago but now I have two sisters and a brother!


After years of searching‚ I finally found my biological family and biological mom. After 3 months of communication with them we're gonna meet in February. I have 3 biological sisters and a brother  who I never knew existed. I'm overwhelmed with joy‚ happiness and love!


Within 24 hours my siblings and I were on the phone with our long lost sister.  Without Adopted.com it would have never happened.  We are sincerely grateful as we are now all a part of each other's lives!


I had 5 possible matches. I began messaging‚ and the fourth match was indeed my son. He has lived within 40 miles since the adoption. I recommend this site wholeheartedly. How wonderful and how quick. And to think I almost gave up. Stick with it! We are so happy!