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1. Kingkobe04 : Kia Orana. My name is Metua Winter‚ née Tuiravakai. I am a descendant of the Cook Islands‚ residing here in New Zealand. I am looking for my half sister‚ (my dads eldest child/daughter) which I believe‚ was named Maria..born in Tahiti. My father Rio Tuiravakai or Rio Ngere as some knew him by‚ from the Cook Islands fathered a daughter name Maria to a Tahitian woman. He went from the Cook Islands to the Society Islands as to what is known now as Tahiti‚ to work in the Coal mines approximately between 1952- 1955. He spoke often about his daughter Maria which he believes was adopted by her grand parents.(her mothers parents) . He left the Society Islands in 1955 and returned to the Cook Islands‚ and Maria was 3years old at that time. I believe Maria might be 64/65 yrs old now. I hope and pray that I will one day meet my sister. Please help me. Thank you Kind regards Metua

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