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1. Darceybbz : i am looking for my mothers birth mother‚ my mum has now passed away and it would ju be nice to know where she came from‚ my mothers name was julie ryan born 30 of april 1970‚ her birth mother whom i am tring to find was from glasgow and her name also is julie ryan that is the only info i know‚ i would love to find her.
2. Darceybbz : JULIE RYAN FROM GLASGOW ARE U OUT THERE!!!!!! OR ANY BOYFRIENDS SHE HAD IN THE YEAR 1969/1970 Looking for my mothers mother as my mum has now passed away would loveee to meet my family‚ it is only her mothers name on her birth certificate :( my mum was born on the 30 of april 1970 and adopted within days. if anyone knows or u are her or my mums birth father plz contact me as i am searching on every website possible and would cost too muvh to join them all
3. Sharonsrainey : 45 years old married curious about mom
4. Carmel43 : Hi im looking for my two daughters whom was adopted in 2003 ‚jade sinead salisbury ‚and alice chatmaine salisbury i rea&#314ly like them to get in touch im there mum hayley chikhaoui
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