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1. Tcannan1 : My name is William H. Cannan lll‚ and I go by T.J. My birth name was Wang‚ Te Jui and I was adopted by Ilona Fae Cannan and William H. Cannan‚ Jr. on April 24‚ 1975. I am searching for my birth mother. Her name is Carol Wang or Wang‚ Jui. Her parents were/are Wang‚ Shan and her mother is Wang‚ Yeh Yu Ying. The last address we have for her is from a letter she sent my adoptive mother who has since passed. The address we have for her is from 1977 and it is 15 Lane 219 1st Alley Ta Ya Rd. Taichung‚ Taiwan‚ R.O.C. and then moved in 1978 to #23 Lane‚ 74 Alley 8‚ Chung Ching Road‚ Taichung‚ Taiwan. Please contact me- I go by T.J.
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