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DNA Matching is a highly effective way to make connections with parents, children, and siblings. We offer services to support you at all stages of your search.

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We work closely with major DNA services like MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree, and 23andMe. Learn about the options and then complete your testing.

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If you have already done your testing, you can upload your file to and we will check for matches against all of our member’s DNA files.

Genetic Researchers

We work with amazing researchers who can uncover the secrets hidden in your DNA! They can review your DNA data and find relatives you didn’t know you had!

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How DNA Matching works for finding your biological family

DNA can help adoptees and birth family members reunite by matching DNA. Since everyone inherits DNA from their parents, sequences of DNA may be shared beteween relatives. Often the more DNA that is shared, the closer the relative is to you.

Specific DNA markers, at certain locations in human DNA, contain predictable inheritance patterns which identify individuals and have been found useful in determining biological relationships. Since the markers are inherited from each parent, each person’s DNA markers could differ in length and sequence from each other but more closely resemble the DNA markers of the birth parents.

Usage of specific markers helps reduce the “false positive” since 2 people can share large quantities of DNA that defines human traits or specific ethnic characterstics.


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