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1. Jakenator1234 : My full name is Jacob Carl Buchhop and I was adopted from an area near Odessa Ukraine in the year of 2001 my birthday is March 13‚1998 and I was adopted in 2001. My adoption parents are Ron and Theresa Buchhop and I currently reside in delta Ohio. My birth name being my first name was Vladimir. I do not know my last name if that helps any. My parents said I was orphaned in a very historically old part of Ukraine with many old castles/forts within close proximity to the Black Sea. I am currently 19. Finding my birth parents are important to me because I would like to know who I am‚ my family‚ my heritage‚ siblings‚ medical history etc. I have so many questions I literally came up with a paper with many questions to ask my birth parents and I have it on my bucket list to find them before they or I die. I was also told although this might or may not be true but I have 8 siblings. I’m not sure if I’m the 9th or if I’m included in the 8. I was adopted when I was three and my parents said I was brought home not long before the twin towers fell.
2. Daveydog23 : David a sellars adopt by laura and Joseph Sellars I was born in deka ukraine I have cereal palsy Brithday is April 23‚1997
3. Vale81 : my name is valentina shusterman and im 37y, old and i was adopted in ukraine , mogilev podolkiy, and im looking for my birth mother who lost her daugther in 1981.i was adopted my tamara and yefim shusterman in ukraine. if someone is still alive and looking for me please let me know. thank you all and may god bless you always.
4. Robmcb318 : I was denied any type or proof of personal information and personal identification by my adopted family. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
5. Sarahsmiles95 : My name is Sarah Elizabeth Anya Morris, I was adopted May 15, 2002 from Odessa Ukraine. All I know is my first and middle name and where I was from. My name was Anya Viktorvinia and I was six years old when I was adopted. I was in and out of the orphanages when I was in Ukraine. My adoptive parents are Joy and Kenneth Morris from Alabama.
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