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1. Olegchristopher1 : im looking for my birth mother if you have any contact with her please let me know
2. EricMichael : I am dating A Russian girl named Amanda‚ She means the world to me and She wants to know about her parents‚ if They’re alive‚ if they’re looking for her‚ If they care but she doesnt know what to do. I just want to help her and make her happy. Her name in Russian is Valentina Dmitriyevna Shamova‚ she was adopted in Tver i’m not exaactly sure where that is on a map but if you have any information please contact me
3. EllisEinhorn : My name is Ellis Einhorn. I live in Providence‚ RI. I was adopted 15 years ago. I dont know who my parents are‚ what they look like‚ or where they are. Please help.
4. Kaitiemobatie_94 : I am trying to contact my birth mother. Her name is Tatyana Nykolaevna Alexandrova‚ born on Febuary 12‚ 1967 in Moscow‚ Russia. According to her paperwork‚ she has dark blonde hair and green eyes. I would like to know if she is ok and I have a few questions regarding other children she may have had who could be my siblings. Thanks!
5. Mariabatka : My name is maria batka and im trying to find my birth mother who i got taken away from when i was 4 years old. Im adopted from russia and im about 21 years old and i have no idea who she is. Her name is Marina Rozievna Zhaparova. I CANT FIND HER ON THE INTERNET OR ANYTHING! please help me.
6. Belle101 : My moms name is Irina Nikolaevna Ovchinnikova. I have a sister (Olga Ovchinnikov) who’s three years older than I am (I’m 17‚ making her 20-maybe 21 (she was born 1994)) my dad died during the pregnancy. They lived in Irkutsk when I was born and they were very poor. She lived in a rented flat and she worked as a janitor at a school. My Russian name is Uhl N. Ovchinnikov
7. RosinaAlex : My real name is Rosina Alexandrovna Lipatkina. I have a brother named Mikhail Alexandrovich. I was bron in 1998 and my btoher 1997 We were born in the city Ryazan City. contact me
8. &#1051&a : Looking for my mother Maria Nikolaevna Gavrilova born on August 21‚ 1966‚ Russian native of Moscow. Residing to the address: Moscow‚ Urzhumskaya street. Passport issued by 87th Police Department of Moscow on May 3‚ 1989. Information about mother: height 167 cm‚ light brown hair‚ green eyes‚ 8 grades of secondary school‚ not registered in a psychic-neurological clinic‚ have no hereditary diseases. Information about father: height 178 cm‚ black hair‚ light blue eyes‚ secondary education‚ never served in the Armed Forces‚ divorced‚ has a daughter. She also stated that Alexey Nikolaevich Gavrilov isn’t my father.
9. Andrej : I would like to find My biological mother Olga Korevzki (&#1082&#1086&#1088&#1077&#1074&#1089&#1082&#1080&#1081) I speak swedish and english.
10. Sierracilento2000 : Sierra Cilento
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