Searching for your adopted
son or daughter?

Despite the many social networking options and advancements in communication, finding an adopted child is still a very tormenting and tiresome process for birth parents. Realizing this difficulty, has introduced a revolutionary search tool that successfully connects adoptees with loved ones
day after day!

How do we help? offers easy entry to the world’s largest adoption reunion registry. A subscription gives you access to the most powerful search tools to find your adopted son or daughter. With our rapidly expanding registry, now the largest in the world, the odds of you locating your adopted son or daughter improve constantly. New DNA Matching options are also available to further increase your chances of a mutually consenting connection.

How are we different?

  • Instantly compare your profile with more than 1,090,381 profiles
  • No requirements to open records or commission investigators
  • Registration is currently being offered for free
  • Groom and update your profile information as you go
  • Perform different search types with keywords, names, and even DNA

What you need to keep in mind

The moment you find your adopted child is unique, special and sometimes emotionally overwhelming. However, there are a few things all searchers can keep in mind when they connect with their loved ones. It's best not to approach your son or daughter with any preconceived expectations. Try to be understanding and unconditionally cherish the joy of your reunion. Be sensitive to the emotions of your child and his or her loved ones who may be affected by the reunion.

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What if my adopted child does not want to meet me?
While that may be possible, you need to understand that connects people who are searching for each other. By registering and finding your adopted child, you also understand that your child was searching for you as well. However, you need to make sure you do not carry any biases or assumptions when you meet your child. Respect the privacy and emotions of your child and pursue a reunion with an open heart and mind.
What if I don’t find a matching profile?
Then you are free to leave your profile posted at no charge. When you register, we ask you 10 questions. Your response to these questions are instantly compared with more than 1,090,381 profiles and a list of potential matches with their percentage proximity to your response is provided. You welcome to become a paid subscriber if you want to pursue the search further on matching candidates.

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