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1. Val3338 : I was a military dependent, 16 years old at the time and I gave birth @ Camp Kue, Okinawa Japan in 1972. A military family adpoted. I am not interested in disrupting the lives of those who gave thier love and heart to the baby boy I delivered. After 35 years, I am only interested in knowing he is at peace. I am available anytime to provide answers to questions, regardless of how difficult this situation may be. I do not feel I have rights to be considered a mother or mom. I have always kept him deep within my heart and offer my prayers for his well being constantly.
2. Kariya : I would really like and wish to find my father he left me when I was young. I never met him his name is kaichi yamaguchi he’s from gunma-ken‚ my Mom met him in Japan. My mom also told me that my dad is a sumo wrestler.
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