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1. Robby : Looking for my brother whose birth name was Peter Vietro. Born 19th August 1956 in Shepherds Bush, London. Mother’s name - Maddalen Vietro The name of the court involved in the adoption was : The Children’s Committee of Kent County Council. in Maidstone. Please contact me.

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2. Wendynurse12 : i am looking for adoptive grandparents or siblings my name is wendy nurse daughter of pauline campbelle grandaughter of margrette and harold cambelle birth mother mary anne kerr from scotland had connections with manchester mums date of birth was 2 10 1952 pauline anne kerr widnes cheshire

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3. SouthernIrelandNolan : Hi , I have only recently found out that I have an older brother. He was Born in Tunbridge Wells , Kent. October 1963. Birth mother was Irish and her name Margaret Nolan from southern Ireland. I believe my brother was registered as Malcolm Nolan however i also believe his adoptive surname is BASS. First name may have also changed. He did make contact with my Mother approx 20 years ago but nothing ever came of it. None of his Irish siblings were aware that he existed. He worked at Tunbridge wells hospital when he was in his 20s. that is all the information i can find. Without my brothers adoptive name i do not know where to start searching so am hoping this may help.

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4. Milliirose708 : mothers surname: Heeley 2 sisters 1 nine years older the other 18 months older

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5. Marias : trying to find adoptive parents of claire marie tait or clare marie tate

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6. Alimac33 : Birth name is Gary/Garry Mark Bolt

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7. Nicolamackay : hi my name Nicola I’m looking for my step sister her name at birth was Katie dochrty her date of birth was 27th of jan 1997 she was born in Lewisham hospital in kent her mothers name was Lorraine dochrty please if you can help would be much appreciated

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8. EmmaGarrad : Hi I’m Emma Miller nee Garrad and I’m looking for Joshua Adam (born Garrad), I would love to get in touch with you if and when you are ready. You were born on the 18th May 2001 at Farnborough hospital, kent now called princess royal hospital. You stayed with your foster parents Barbara and Steve Thring and I visited you every week. You were adopted later that year to your parents Mark and Sheena and that’s when your life became your own. I have never stopped loving you and thinking about you. I just need you to know that you are thought of and talked about in our family all the time . If you need to know more or want to get to know me and the crazy family please do get in touch.

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9. MMDodgson : Mother Susan A dodgson 25/11/1959 Christina Dodgson 14/16th October 1980 Lancashire

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10. Sarahscamp : Looking for my son Marshall dean scamp.

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