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1. Miskita : I want to find out what my brith surname was - thats all. Was told that my birth parent are deceased. Was given up for adoption by birth family. Was adopted in Cape Town - was born on 26th August 1957 in Rondebosch Cape Town. Just need a surname not interested in finding family. Hope you can help me. My name is Dorothy Mary Dyer nee Ferreira
2. KikkiG : *Emil Harry Eugen Lindström born 1911-04-14 in Kungsholmen Stockholm died 1979-05-14 (adoped to O.Grundström in Grundsunda) his mother was Signe Charlotta Lindström born 1885-06-29 in Frötuna Norrtälje. looking for his father. possibly father can be Gustaf Emil Karlsson born 1885 05 28 from Björnlunda. Emil is my grandfather
3. KatarinaH : Hello, I recently found out I have a half brother called Lars Goran born around 1951 in Sweden. I do not know who his mother is but we share our father who is Nils Ake Holgersson born in Jamjo, Blekinge, Sweden on the 24th October, 1928. It has been kept a family secret till now. I don’t know if he knows about us. My father was responsible for him till he reached 16 years of age by paying child support so I don’t think he had been adopted but stayed with his mother. I don’t know if you can help me or if you are able to steer me in the direction where I can find him. I would appreciate any information you are able to give me. Best regards Katarina Holgersson
4. AvitalHorev : Hey, I am a researcher in a documentary series, and I am looking for Swedish adopted children who were born in Israel. I would like to help them to find their biological roots. Please contact me
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