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1. Jsmith6feb79 : I’m looking for my real parents. I was born on the 6 Feb 1979 at the Lady Rodwell Hospital in Bulawayo‚ Zimbabwe. I would love to find my real mother and father. I have been told I have an older brother somewhere.
2. Mandydeb : I am looking for my birth mother. Her name was Clare Bradley (maiden name) at the time of my birth. She was 16 at the time. I was born in Bulawayo‚ Rhodesia on the 3rd October 1961.
3. Diannesandra : Born on the 23rd Feb 1970 Lady Rodwell - mother stayed at St Clairs Home, Zimbabwe before birth. Birth Mothers name is Sue and was a police officer in the BSA in Salsbury. She is now married with 3 children and has moved to Canada
4. Lusister : If you are adopted and were born on 13 February 1962‚ Harare‚ Zimbabwe
5. DawnJenniferC : looking for my birth mother ...olivia jean joubert....My name is Dawn Cochrane born on 19/11/1959 at Lady Rodwell Maternity Hospital Bulawayo Zimbabwe Adoptive parents were Peter & Dinah Cochrane Adoption took place in Zimbabwe.
6. CMPretorius : Please assist in finding my son born on 27 July 1972 in Gatooma Maternity Hospital between 18:30 and 19:00. I have no other information to supply. Thank you so much for your assistance.
7. Fallyn : Hi I was born Danielle Sybil Dianne Smith at Lady Rodwell Maternity home in Bulawayo on the 9th of October 1983‚ under the care of Mrs SH Grave of Freeman Avenue ‚ Khumalo North‚ Buluwayo .My adoption was finialized the following year in September 1984 . According to my documents my birth mothers name is Julie Dianne Smith . That is all I know of my mother no id nothing. I would like to be in contact with my mom to find out who is she is and get to know her. I have three kids . I need medical history as well as i have been unwell and the doctors can not do much more for me without my actual medical history to do tests and distinguish what the problem is. I live in Harare Zimbabwe. Thank you for all the assistance
8. Iangracie1968 : i am looking for my birth parents i was born in 1968 i have a twin sister her name is melissa
9. Iangracie1968 : i am looking for my birth parents i was born in 1968 i have a twin sister her name is melissa and i have 8 sister of which 4 are married and 4 are not married my blood type is ABRH POSITIVE
10. Iangracie1968 : i am looking for my birth family and my birth mother and father‚i have a twin sister her name is melissa i also have 8 sisters four are married and four are not married i might very well be an american citizen by birth i could have been born in the united states of america i was born in 1968 my blood type is ABRH POSITIVE
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