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1. Dopey3333-Linda : Trying to find birth mother from Italy . Was told I was adopted ‚ but have reason to believe that I was not ‚ believe that my biological father raised me with his wife . Believe my biological birth mom gave me up . I was born in Monterotondo Rome Italy 1961. Passport name Laila Formica. Have since confronted the biological dad and his wife and neither will be honest . I believe that my dad may have had an affair when he went back to Italy to sell his property and had an affair. My name now is Linda Salvatore ‚ dad is Joseph Salvatore . Birth mom perhaps is angel Pusino or something like Raccli . Thank you‚ Linda Salvatore
2. Sherrymp18 : I am looking for the birth parents of Trifone Di Giorgi, birth about 11/10/1885 in Alessano, Italy, immigrated to the USA abroad ship Re d Italia on June 28, 1914. Was headed to Albany, New York to the home of his "good father (either a C, E or G) Calrolaro, Luigi or Ealrolaro, Luigi, or Galrolaro, Luigi living at 101 Green St in Alnamy, NY. If anybody out there knows anything please contact me I am researching behalf of Trifone’s great-grandchildren. Thank-you
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