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1. Brutisoh73 : My name is Victoria‚ my husband and I have been married for three years now. However‚ he was adopted 36 years ago‚ even though his adopted parents are still alive he feels there is still an empty space missing from his life‚ his mother. It pains me to see him like this‚ since we’ve been together he has came a long way making the necessary changes to live a prosperous life. But the emptiness is still present‚ if I must say‚ still affecting his life. For I am only his wife‚ I cannot fill that empty space as his mother I can only love him unconditionally in spite of the feedback I endure because of it. If by any chance I can help him find his mother‚ I believe his life will be complete. It’s been too long for the two of you to carry this burden. So if I could send his biological mother a message it would be your baby boy misses you‚ and he never stopped loving you! Please if anyone has any information about a mother who had a little boy born on August 2‚ 1973 his name is Sean‚ and he misses you! Thank you! Sincerely‚ Victoria

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