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1. GnemVourchEng : My name is Gnem Vourch Eng‚ was born in 1950. I have 3 brothers‚ named: Gnem Sunhourt 1951‚ Gnem Sambath 1958 and Gnem Sokhany 1959. My father’s name is Gnem Soum ( dead )‚ my mother’s name is Chhun Mouy ( dead ). I know that my brother Gnem Sokhany was died in Pol Pot regime‚ and my two brothers Sunhourt and Sambath refuged to Thailand border in 1975‚ so now I would like to look for them.
2. Somaly : My name is Somaly. I am 24 years old. I am Cambodian. I have recently found that I was adopted at birth. I have been living with my adopted parents thinking they were my birth parents for over 20 years. I just hope to know if my birth parents are also looking for me or whether I have any siblings Thanks!
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