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Were you born in Washington? Or are you searching for someone born in Washington? Adopted.com is proud to offer a Washington state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page where you can check your matches. From Spokane to Seattle and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Adopted.com! An adoptee’s original birth certificate is available through the Department of Health but release is subject to birth parent disclosure vetoes as well as to corrupt contact preference forms that allow a birth parent to deny release of the birth certificate. Disclosure vetoes and contact preference forms expire on the death of the birth parent.

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1. Misscass28 : I am looking for myrle white‚ he had a child with linda skeens‚ I am that child.... my name is cassandra i was born march 4th 1976 in shelton washington and adopted by harvey and peggy miller‚ we then moved to adrian oregon where i grew up.

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2. Countess99 : The only paperwork i have regarding the adoption is my medical report. It states that my birth mother had already graduated from college and that my father was due to graduate that coming December of 1970. I was supposidly in foster care during the interum between my birth on 06-04-1970 untill i was taken to my adoptive parents. It states my first name was Harley, I was delivered to them via a social worker, at the travel lodge in Bellingham, 202 E Holly Bellingham, Wa. on 07-06-1970. The report shows it came from a state office of some kind located @ 222 Unity st Bellingham,Wa. 98225 and was also rgistered in the county where i was raised, the envelope was sent to a Eva Katzenberger, Administrator State dept. of public assistance 4810 Arsenal Way Bremerton, Wa.98310. There are numbers and a name I have no idea what they mean handwritten on the envelope that could be a case# or relevant some how. 733-1870 & tr6-3642 & 35031 the name is Mrs.Casky.

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3. Betty086 : I am searching for a baby boy that was placed up for adoption born 2-20-1968 Weight at birth was 8.14 oz in Seattle Washington Mother was catholic‚ and lived in the Florence Crittenton Home for unwed mothers from Nov. through Feb. the name she went by was Deloa Adams. Baby was adopted out about 2 months after birth and went to a weathy family. The father of the baby boy was Curtis Jene Williams and the mother named the baby boy Curtis Jene Williams 2nd but I do not believe that that name was given to baby boy by adopted parrents.The birth mother was forced to give up her son by her step-Mother. Birth mother just wishes to know how her birth son is and give health info.Birth mothers real name is Deola May Arrents- Nichols born 2-11-1949 and has lived with a broken heart due to the adoption.If you have any infomation please contact me. Betty Nichols

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