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Were you born in Massachusetts? Or are you searching for someone born in Massachusetts? is proud to offer a Massachusetts state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matchs. From Pittsfield to Boston and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! Adult adoptees who wish to obtain their original, sealed birth certificate and other documents pertaining to their adoption can only do so through a court order.

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97. LithuanianQueen : In 2009, Barbara Misiti DiBenedetto contacted my uncle, John Gregory Yelmokas, to find out information about her biological family. My Uncle John died a few years ago, but his brother Tony Yelmokas found the email letter Barbara originally sent Uncle John. I am following up. Her biological mother was Nellie Yelmokas from Dorchester, MA. I believe Nellie’s her given first name was probably ’Anele’, a pretty common girls name that was often nicknamed "Nellie’. And the correct Lithuanian spelling of the last name is ’Jalmokas’, but was anglicized in the US. The cousins in Lithuanian remain ’Jalmokas’. My given name is Ann Marie Yelmokas (married name is Ann Marie Yelmokas McDermott). I also grew up on South Boston and recently moved back to Randolph MA after living in a number of cities across the country for the past 12 years. I have been working on family genealogy and am interested in contacting Barbara and/or her children to continue working on the family tree here in the US and in Lithuania. I look forward to connecting! Regards, Ann

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98. ShannonKritzer14 : The information that I was told about my sister it’s that she was Born in May between 1988-1990 at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River Massachusetts Blond hair blue eyed beautiful baby girl her biological name is Cathryn Leigh Fisher an her birth parents name are Gwendolyn Ann Rogers (married name ) FISHER D.O.B 09/30/1966 AND Christopher Henry or Lawson Fisher D.O.B 03/31/1965 I’m not sure if the birth father signed the birth certificate due to he could have been in jail her Birth Father was also put up for adoption at the age of 3 he did later on find his birth mom I’m she older sister Shannon Fisher (married name) Kritzer an we have an older brother Christopher Fisher all 3 of us are close in are her an I were place in the same Forster home together I do have very clear memories of that not sure if the adoption took place in Massachusetts or Rhode Island but I do know it was through Catholic Charities I more the certain that her parents names are Donna and Dominic last name Starts with a D an the had 2 or 3 older boys we got a fee pictures of her an I still have them from when she was little I’m 32 married with 3 babies living in Florida now but ever since I was 3 years old there has not been a single day we’re I haven’t thought of her

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99. NaomeB : I’m searching for my uncle who was named Shane Allen (father, Frank Staniger of Idaho?) at birth in Boston around 1955. He lived with my grandmother,Marie (Parris) O’Connor, a singer -she had many aliases, on Tremont St. in Boston, until a terrible accident, in 1958/59 where his head was injured ,and he was taken from my grandmother. His life was saved, and he was adopted by someone at the hospital, according to the story. My grandmother sang at the 123 lounge in Boston and her stage name was Nya. Boston record American newspaper is supposed to have an article about the accident and adoption. Sound familiar?

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