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46. Shellyingram : Your father is Viet houng do you are Vietnamese and white born at womens hospital in Vancouver BC I want to find you your father died a week after you were born and your grand parents took you and your grandfather died in Vancouver also my name is Shelly ingram please call me please find me you were living just off Hastings St in Vancouver with your grandparents and aunty’s and cousins

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47. Jeffreyappleton : legal name now is jeffry dean appleton birth name was ????? jeffrey holmes born in kamloops general hospital biological mother a in late teens : (15/16) white male 11lbs

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48. Ben-Jammin : My name is Ben Federici. I was born in Nelson, British Columbia at 6am on July 15, 1975. Birth mother was a teenager, birth father in 30’s. I believe she was Italian/Scottish and he was Canadian French. My adoptive parents are Tom and Barbara Federici. They adopted me 3 weeks after my birth. They were living in Richmond at the time. Thanks!

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49. Bfraser747 : I was raised in very good. I was born March 17‚ 1970 at Royal Columbian hospital. Both adopted parents who raised me have long past. I really have no family. Have some health issues but doing well right now. I would like to communicate and potentially meet real birth parents. I’m curious‚ interested to ask few questions. Please contact me.

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50. Snauwaert2022 : I am searching for the son of my Aunt‚ who died many years ago. The family knows that she had a son in January of 1969 (we don’t have the exact date)‚ at Vancouver General Hospital. His mothers legal name was Margaret Susan Snauwaert. (she also went by Peggy). I am searching on behalf of her sister‚ Elizabeth (Betty)‚ and 2 brothers‚ Marcel and Roger (My father). The siblings are all in their 80’s and we would like to locate their birth nephew if possible. I myself am a birth mother and had the incredible experience of being able to reunite with my daughter almost 20 years ago so so I understand the complexities of adoption reunions. Thank you Kathleen Kellner (Snauwaert)

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