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36. Hjerto1970 : Hi. I am David Hjerto born 14.04.1970 from Norway.looking for my biologisk mother. I ware Adopted in Canada. Smithers. B.C in 1972. I have been told by my Adoptive father and mother that my mothers name was Elizabeth Parker. And that my name at that time was David Bruce Parker. My mother was in court 3 times to try to ceep mee( sorry inglish is not so good) :-) It was my biologisk father that obused me by burnining me when i cryed. Think my mother was 18 wen giving birth‚so shees 65 yearsnow if im right. Putted my feets and head on a owen when crying. I have my birth certificate. Hope to get an good answer Best regards David Hjerto Norway

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37. David47Warda : My birth mother was from Hinton Alberta and left there sometime in early 1970 . I was born in Vancouver in June of 1970 at St. Paul’s Hospital. Her name was Vera Lynn Tompkins. I was born Morgan Carl Tompkins‚ but adopted out later in June. I would like to meet my mother‚ and introduce her to my family and kids. I live in Ontario.

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38. Teak : adoptees birth father Douglas Berdet Hooker born Jan2‚1914 Adoptee’s name at birth Margaret Elizabeth Mercy Oct 22‚1937 Birth mother born1919 from Saskatchewan

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39. Tammy88 : Jacqueline I am your mom. I want you home. I never wanted to lose you. I love you. Tammy jean Stewart. New Westminster.b.c.

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40. Robert_John_Lowery : British Columbia Hospital in New West Minister. Born to Robert John Lowery and Jacklyn Ponsart, it was a private adoption at 3 month’s old. His name at birth was Dylan Robert Lowery.

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