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21. KimberlyLawrance : I am looking for my birth family. My birth name was Kimberly Ann Clark my mothers name is Patricia Mae Clark. I dont expect any thing I would just really like to know where I came from. I know I am blessed with good genes. Not Levi’s .

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22. Zipktty : Female D.O.B. April 22 1975- born @ approx.9:57pm at the Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, BC BIRTH MOTHER: GLENNA JEAN TUGWOOD D.O.B January, 14 1956 Adopted parents surname was JACKSON- My adoption was through the city of Burnaby, BC I do not know anything about my BIRTH parents, names etc. accept my mother was perusing an art degree at time of adoption, Parents were considering marriage just not for a few years.. Searching for Birth parents, Grandparents, any family at all

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23. Zipktty : Female born April 22 1975 at Surrey Memorial Hospital Surrey‚ BC Canada Please if anyone is searching- any family at all mesg. me :)

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24. Denisejoymcinnes : My adoptive son’s birth name was MICHAEL JOSEPH ADAM. From what I was told Michael’s birth mother was 18 at the time of his birth, she had 2 other siblings and father was remarried. Birth mother was 5’10 and had blond hair. Michael’s birth father apparently has scarlet fever as a young child. One of Michael’s birth parents is of Ukraine decent. Michael had a forceps delivery which caused some markings on each cheek. He weighed 7 pound 8 ounces. Michael is starting his own family and would like to have some medical history. If you have any information, please contact me.

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25. Denisejoymcinnes : Michael’s birth name is Michael Joseph Adam. He was born in Clearwater‚ BC. on the 3rd of September 1981. Michael has a male first cousin‚ Nick Meredith‚ that lives in Chilliwack‚ BC. There are several other bio family that live in Chilliwack‚ too. However‚ we don’t have names or how they are related to Mike. His birth mother was blond and around 5’10 and was 18 years old at the time of Michael’s birth. His bio mother apparently had 2 other siblings. Bio Mother’s father was remarried when bio mom was around 16 or 17. You can reach me.

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