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Were you born in Tennessee? Or are you searching for someone born in Tennessee? Adopted.com is proud to offer a Tennessee state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches.  From Knoxville to Memphis and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Adopted.com! Tennessee adoption records are available to adult adoptees age 21 and over and certain relatives via a written request.

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1. Scbysnack1 : FOUND - AUGUST 2022 Michigan‚ Muskegon‚ Grant‚ Washburn‚ Constance‚ Jerry‚ Loretta‚ Lima‚ Newaygo‚ Ken‚ Larry‚ Orville‚ Ravenna‚ White Cloud‚ Westbrook

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2. Inlove_292003 : I am in search for two children one now at the age of 21 and the other a 16 year old female. They was adopted around the year of 1992. Their birth father name was William Kenneth Houser Jr. and birth mother’s name was Angie Houser. Amber Nicole Houser and William Kenneth Houser the 3rd was adopted due to the death of the mother‚ which in result their father spent prison time inregarding to the death of his wife. At the time this was in Knoxville Tennessee. Please if anyone is interested in helping me find Kenny and Amber or this sounds similar to someone you know feel free to e-mail me.

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3. Romelle1985 : I was adpopted right after my birth. My birth name was LaTosha Michelle Griffin but that name has changed and i am now 22 years of age. At the time of my birth my mother was 15 and couldnt provide care for me. If anyone can help in any way plz email me

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4. Paulphipps : white male born in Memphis Tennessee 10/30/60.adopted through welfare office. birthfather was possibly a truckdriver‚ birthmother was possibly a waitress. there were 2 daughters before me.

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5. Laurajean101 : My name at birth was Laura Jean Mayfield. I was born in Nov. of 1983 on an airforce base in West Germany. I am looking for my birth family which includes an older brother born Kenneth Mayfield and an older sister born Linda Gail Mayfield on 1-5-81. We were adopted through the Tennessee Baptist Children’s home in Memphis‚ TN. If you have any info please contact me.

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