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31. Pinkstars74 : I’m looking for adopted son named Robert Ross st birth I believe his surname was gilroy and he was in Edinburgh

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32. Marikennedy : My name is mari Kennedy I also have another son with the same family they weren’t taken from birth we were very close I know for a fact that my children want to be back to me I was getting letter box contact for years but the social worker stopped it suddenly my oldest is nearly 16 so is aged to make up his own mind and I know he will never leave Calvin his younger brother I want our family unit back to normal so I would be forever in your debt if you could help bring a family together they can contact me thanks a lot for your help as the social workers dont give me the time of day so I would really appreciate an individual perspective

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33. Oorwilly : You were born 15th September 1959 You had 3 older brothers myself William John McCue my twin peter penman McCue and Robert sterling McCue. Peter and I were born duke street hospital 14th August 1953 Robert was born 19th September 1954 . As both rpeter and Robert are now gone I thought I would try to find you. I now live in Hampshire

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