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31. Pinkstars74 : I’m looking for adopted son named Robert Ross st birth I believe his surname was gilroy and he was in Edinburgh

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32. Oorwilly : You were born 15th September 1959 You had 3 older brothers myself William John McCue my twin peter penman McCue and Robert sterling McCue. Peter and I were born duke street hospital 14th August 1953 Robert was born 19th September 1954 . As both rpeter and Robert are now gone I thought I would try to find you. I now live in Hampshire

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33. Thomasmcginness : searching my brother Thomas mcginness born in Edinburgh Scotland in name is Denise mcginness and still reside in Edinburgh Scotland.

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34. Danielleascroft1979 : My name is Danielle Ascroft but at time of birth I was Danielle Pearce I was 17 at the time of giving birth in Aberdeen Royal infirmary on the 31st January 1996, her name is Tiffany Pearce but I think her surname would be different now. I had daily contact with her for about 7 months, I was in a bad place, I had been kicked out of home at 16 and was homeless at the time of birth and also bad on drugs, so the judge recommended Adoption. I remember the last time I saw her she was a year old. Her name on birth certificate was Tiffany Patricia Pearce. I know she was in Scotland still, she has other brother Liam who is about 18/20 the same family adopted him to. The agency who dealt with it was in Aberdeen. DOB:16/05/79 I am now married and have been clean from drugs for over 10 years now, I have a 13 year old daughter called Kylie, I would love nothing more than to meet Tiffany, Chloe, and Liam, I used to have letter box contact every year I’d send a letter and get 1 back plus a photo, I only got 1 photo when she was 5. They got in contact with my grandparents through phone contact, but they have sadly passed away. Please I need to know my daughter got the things I sent her and letters and photos. I need to see her or at least a message saying I’m so sorry and I love her very much, and would be so grateful if you could please help.

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35. Seanme : I just want to find my daughter and son that has been adopted please.

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36. AlexisBrunton : Mothers name Mhari hunter and lived in St Andrews‚ baby was born in Edinburgh‚ baby was named Karen. I’m looking for my sister. My name is Alexis Brunton‚ contact me.

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