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211. Leannedoucet123 : Desseray Doucet birthday Jan 27/03 and her sister Daisy Doucet birthday is may 10/04 they where taking from victory Avenue in welland Ontario..I’m the birth mom plese help me find them..Leanne doucet

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212. Alisonwoods : I was born October 11 1967 in Hamilton Ontario. I believe my name was Sherry Lee. My birth Mom gave a boy up for adoption about 18 months before I was born. I would love to meet them or anyone who knows them. I hold no grudges but am also not looking for a new best buddy for life lol. I would respect your wishes about any contact. Thank you.

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213. KarenBurke : The doctors name was Dr. MJ Farelle. He was born at Sudbury General Hospital. Lawyers name was H.D. Bray with Lacroix, Forest & Del Frate.

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214. Lreimer : Hello I am searching for my elderly Aunt who is looking for her birth son. His birth name was Kevin Michael Reimer‚ born on October 13‚ 1950 at The Mount Hamilton Hospital in Ontario. She is 87 years old and had looked for years for her son. Please contact me if you can help me. My name is Lyn Reimer. Apparently after he was adopted his name was changed to Douglas Stuart Little we think. Not sure. Thank you

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215. Djsdad2012 : Hello son there are so many things I want to say that this little section of paper can now where near come close to what your adoption entailed. What you must know is your mum and I wanted you so so badly.it destroyed us when they took you. We might not have had much material wise but you wanted for nothing and we’re unconditionally loved. you wee born September 5th, 2002 at Brockville General Hospital. My name Darryl Shawn Smijan(05/11/1975) and your mother Melissa Hutchinson. we were not given the oppertunity to try and find you a placement with family members they just took you and pit you up for adoption. I h Hope you know that you are thought of and loved every single day of my life I’ve been waiting for the day that I get to meet you for the last 19 years I hope that you’ll give me the chance to sit down and explain things to you because they’re not as simple as they seem all you need to know is your mother and I love you more than anything in the world and if there’s anything we could’ve done to prevent this then we would’ve done it just some more information just to help you out trying to figure out if this is his reading it Your doctors name in Brockville was doctor . You grew up between Kingston in Brockville your grandparents grandpa grandma soon and Nana Mary Jane are all living in Kingston that’s your grandparent and your step grandmother do you have an uncle named uncle Todd who has a daughter named Marley, I remarried and you have four brothers and sisters Lily is my stepdaughter she’s a year older than you are and she actually has two babies so I guess that makes us the worlds youngest grandparents her name is Lily and her children’s names are Cohen and he is one years old and Chloe she is three months old do you have two of the most amazing sisters that anyone could’ve Sienna Rose is seven years old in December she is a Spitfire she loves hard plays hard and lives hard she’s very and as we’ve all been very open about the adoption and that our children have a brother out there and our children are very excited we’ve always included you in our lives we celebrate your birthday and your dad has a code for each one of your birthdays you’ve never not once not once been forgotten or put aside when we talk about our kids we include you in the sentence now your other sisters name is Kylee Savana and she is a little turkey she is everywhere but she is the most loveable child you’ll ever meet and she just loves without bounds and she absolutely adores she has one big brotherAnd she just idolizes him follow the rules have you have my wife’s name is Rachel and actually I’m the one helping your head to search for you because I know how important it is to my husband he talks about you and I’m not joking literally every day we are on his mind and I know there’s so much she wants to say to you but it’s so much easier in person if you would give him a chance he’s so full of love he’s so full of just wanting to make sure that you’re OK this is main concern even if you don’t wanna relationship with him he just would like to know that you’re OK and that your life is OK and that whoever I talk to you was good to you and to know most of all that you are a huge part of our family tho we’ve not seen you for almost 17 year (I Rachel Darryl’s wife and your sisters) you are still a Smijan in our books, And withhe expectation that you were placed in a loving home which I don’t doubt and that you had a really really good upbringing and childhood and I hope you had all the love that you could ever want because you’ve got all the love you could ever want from you we just want your adoptive parents on your own what you might call your real parents to know how incredibly grateful we are that they were there and that they chose you I chose you to love you and that I’ll share something about myself I am a doctor as well andCan relate to a lot of the feelings are questions you might have a Lena is not even just baby steps reaching out just let him know your OK if you want to do that for me that’s fine I’ll provide personal email addresses if you want to get a hold of me I cannot send you put more pictures I can fill you in a bit more until you’re ready hopefully doesn’t speak with your dad because then he’s just he’s just dying to do you to know you OK I’m not sure if you still go by Dustin or DJs me to call you but we love you and just consider this not many people have two families who can love them unconditionally and from the sounds of it you do. here is my detail information Rachel Smijan

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