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121. Alexandriacharitypop : my name is alexandria popovski my birth name given to me was lexus duffy i am trying to find my birth mother.

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122. WontGiveUp0x : I was takin from the hospital bascially right after birth and put into a foster home. I was born in North Bay‚ Ontario at St. Joesph Schollard hospital. My birth parents names are Lorriane and Randy‚ I know that My name was stephanie Laplante. I was in a foster home in Bonfield I was there since i was a few years old tell I got adopted at 10 months. I miss them and would love to see them‚ I have questions and want them or either one in my life. If you guys cann help me I’d be so happy words coouldn’t/wouldn’t be able to describe in words how much this will mean to me. I PRAY TO GOD TO FIND THEM! HOPE YOUR SITE WORKS.

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123. Gotherap : Mom if you are there please contact me.

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124. Hawton : I am seeking to register for when my son is of age his name was dillian thomas lee hawton/medhurst ..born in woodstock at woodstock general hospital on july 6th 2001..was aprehended at birth from hospital ..did have contact until up to just beforw his 4th birth when he became a crownward and was adopted out ..my name is linda rosetta hawton birthdate april 1st 1983 I was 18 yrs at the time of his birth lived in ingersoll ontario...now reside in woodstock ontario ...I would love to make contact with him I do get letters and photos once a year ..I decided to do the registry to make this easier for him ..I know its not time yet ..although I wish u could meet them before there 18h birthday so if this has to be put on hold till such time I will understand...has a younger brother born febuary 23 2004 goes by zachery ..

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125. JustinandDawn14 : I’m in search of my husband daughter who was adopted at birth Justine Taylor Wright born June 14‚ 1994 in London Ontario at St. Josephs Hospital. Adopted to a couple from Toronto Ontario Canada please contact me‚ thank you Dawn and Justin Lapointe

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