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46. Guardianangel : i am looking for a young lady born august 23 1984 in mississauga ontario. i am her birth aunt. my sister‚ the child’s birth mother is dying and i am frustrated that i cannot find her. the adoptee would have a brother that was also adopted by the adopting parents‚ this brother would be about 4 years older. we think her name might be sarah and she may be living in the oshawa area. please‚if anyone has information‚ my sister is desperately looking for the daughter that she gave up for adoption in 1984. my sister is terminal and wishes to reunite before it is too late. palliative care unit‚ ask for audrey

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47. ChristinaBooBoo : Hi my name is Christina Jones and I’m looking for my birth son and his name is Isaiah John Skye. He is 11 yrs old and was born at Niagara general hospital on December 19 1997 and I haven’t seen him since he was 2 and I miss him dearly‚ please help me find him and if you have any information regarding him can you please email me‚ Thank you!

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48. Justcurious1969 : Just been curious and decided to look into my real family inc. mother father and even bros. & sis ? I was born In 1969 and was adopted out of London Ontario . I have been told my mother was 16 years of age at the time of my birth. I have also been told my real last name was Kelly . If anyone has some help or any ideas drop me an email.

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49. Mariestorm1 : Grandmother of ashley‚born dec.10‚1989 in oshawa ontario-mother names was Christine Oakley and father is eric johnson. Ashley we have been waiting for so long to talk to you.My name is Marie and I am your birth Grandmother on you fathers side.I remember this liitle girl that looks just like her Dad and was taken away from us near the age of 2. We fought and fought to only lose you to the system. We never had a chance it was like they had you adopted out while we were still fighting to get you. All of us were turned down and trust me we wanted you so much. Your father has never been the same and either have I. I know that you are a big girl now and I hope you have had a great life with great parents who loved you very much.We too love you and I can only hope to meet you one day.I still have a silver heart that I bought you but kept when they took you away from us. I wanted to have it to give to we found on another.I still have your picture on my wall‚ we had them taken before they took you. I know that you cannot remember any of us because you were so little but your were a very happy daddy’s girl when you were a baby.You now have brothers and lots of cousins bu5t out of all the grandchildren I have‚ I only have you the oldest grandchild and Autumn who is 11 for granddaughter‚ all the rest are boys. You have on our side 2 uncles and 2 aunts who remember the day taht we lost you.Misty was only 5 and Damien was 7 and they were broken hearted. I have never seen your so broken as that day.The whole things was so unfair‚ we are good people and you would have been loved by us and we are your birth family so we never understood why they took you‚away from us all.I know that this june the records become open and I hope if not before we can find you then.I hope your parents told you that you were adopted‚ if not it will be very hard to find one another.I was also adopted‚ just differnt back then I was given to a gaurdian and found out when I was 18.Wow‚ that was hard but in my heart I knew that I was. I just never felt I belonged. I was short they were tall. Things like I told people I was french and R.C which my gaurdian hated the french and catholics.When I was 30 I meet my brother and found out that indeed I was catholic and from a very french family. It is weid to feel that your are someting different your told‚ but in your heart you just know. Ashley or whatever your name is now( maybe it still is ashley since your knew that as your name until 2) I really hope and pray we can meet and I can give you the heart I kept for so long.I hope you can find room in your heart for us too. We can never take the place of the people you know as Mom and Dad‚ but we would like to find a corner of your heart to fit into.Please email me if you find this and have questions about us‚you or just anything Your Grandmother marie brock

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50. Littlebear2009 : hello i am a birth mom looking for my sion his name is justin kenneth ronald connell please i havent heard nothing back from you guys i wait for almost 6 mouth so you suopse to help i dont see no respound please at lease give me information

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