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161. Sher666 : my name is Sherry Dunbar.IM looking for my two birth daughters who were adopted toghther in the year 2001‚2000. Callie Ann Dunbar. was born September9th 1999.Cassie Ann dunbar was born October 31st 2000. Callie ann was born at Scarborough general hospital. Cassie Ann was born at toronto east general hospital. they were adopted from the catholic childrens aid. family doctor at the tome was Dr.Bruce Truscott.i heard they might be in the Ancaster Ontario area.

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162. Cherryann : Looking for Christopher born July 10‚ 1997 at Scarborough General hospital. Please email me.

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163. ThomasBH : Biological father´s name Gunnar from Norway. Seaman/fisherman worked in St. Johns area Newfoundland. Mother´s name unknown. Se picture of biological father in my profile pic. Possible biological mother in picture with him (uncertain). On back of the picture is written "Borgen" and September 1976. If you have any info‚ please contact me.

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164. TaraBrowning1983 : We are looking for my Aunt who was adopted at birth . Born: Toronto General Mother : Lorna Browning gave birth while in Mercer Reformatory and transferred to Venier woman’s jail . Adopted parent was a retired police officer from the Brampton / Hamilton area his last name was Cooke /Cook Birth name : Angela Denise Browning She had two daughter and was married the last time my mom had contact with her but don’t remember married last name . My mom Sherri Louise Browning has been searching for years to find you AUNTIE PLEASE READ TGIS AND FIND US WE ARE DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR YOU . WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH . My name is Tara Browning now I am Tara Lien as I am married I am your niece . Please please please reach out and find us . I love you

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165. Julie1616 : I was adopted at 6weeks of age to my current parents Eleanor and Peter Morgan Dec 1957‚ through an adoption agency in Port Credit‚ Ontario. (Toronto). I understand my birth mother was a U of T student. My given name at birth was Mary Elizabeth McFarlane. I did receive a copy of the Adoption Order Upon A Joint Application and additional information included in that form is the Certificate of Birth Registration number. The file # is 22754. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards.

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