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111. DarleneBumstead : You could contact me.

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112. MaryAnnKriina : Hello‚ I am in search of my mothers biological parents/siblings. She was born March 17th‚ 1968 at North York Hospital Ont. Her birth name was MAry Ann Karrina. Please‚ if you have any information on their whereabouts contact me. Thank you. Amy

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113. Jboucher : Hello My name is John Boucher....my daughter Melanie has posted this on facebook‚ and maybe you might be able to help Hi my name is Melanie I’m in search of my half-sister. 12 years ago I came across a photo while I was looking through photo albums to take pictures with me for when I moved to Windsor. I came across this photo in which at the time I thought it was me. I then questioned my father to ask him how come I had never seen this photo of me before. He then sat me down and told me the story that this was my half sister. Her name at birth was Alicia Louise. Born on April 6 1995 at 4:47pm‚ she weighed 6lb 6oz. She was born at Timmins & District hospital which some people still referred to it as St- Mary’s. Her Biological mother’s name was Paula Crestchuck. (I may not have the exact spelling of the name) The mother stated that Louis Pagnucco was the father due to personal circumstances but my father John Boucher was later informed that he was indeed the father. My father wanted to have access to her and to find out if in deed he is her father but never got the opportunity because baby Alicia was taken away from her biological mother and placed for adoption. My father has since been in agony and in contact with the adoption agency but as protocol goes since his name was not identified as the father he couldn’t do much. Years have gone by‚ we were hoping that once she turned 18 she would have been in contact with the adoption agency but this year marked her 18th birthday and nothing yet. My father does not want to start any trouble by any means. He just wants to know if she is ok and would like to have the opportunity to meet her so she can meet my two brother and step sister’s. We have a big loving family and would love nothing more than to get this opportunity. Now I’m seeking the public’s help! Please help me find my half-sister. My family and I would greatly appreciate it!! Please share!!! The more this gets around the better chance we have...

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114. Loribgori : ISO birthSon Sean Allan Yack born August 18 1982 in Kitchener Waterloo at St Mary’s Hospital

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115. NicoleKhan : Hello‚ I’m looking for my younger sister‚ birth name Tenisha Khan. Adopted in the greater Toronto Area. Born in November 2002. Name may have been changed. We have the same mother‚ different fathers. We are 18 years apart in age. Our mother Anniefah Khan passed away in 2011. I am looking for you! Want to be sure that you are well and happy‚ safe. Please contact me via this sight. I have your original birth certificate and photos. Please contact.

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